Sofia Swing Dance Festival


Lindy Hop

Min 1 year Lindy Hop experience. Can comfortably lead/follow basic steps, but might make mistakes when it comes to more difficult figures. You feel comfortable doing steps/figures such as: basic 8-count, swing out, 6-count figures, inside/outside turn, Texas Tommy, flying Charleston, tandem Charleston. Familiar with basic jazz steps.

Approximately 2 years Lindy Hop experience. You are traveling to international camps/workshops at the intermediate/advance level and are comfortable with leading/following, dancing to music at/above 200 bpm, and are comfortable improvising. You have a variety of figures in your arsenal, know the Shim Sham, and are familiar with other jazz steps.

Approximately 3 years Lindy Hop experience. You’re regularly traveling to international camps/workshops at the advance level. You are very comfortable with leading & following, improvisation, dancing at 230+ bpm and 120bpm or slower. You are skilled in jazz steps and other dance styles such as balboa, shag, charleston, etc.

* All participants registered for the Lindy Hop track Advanced Level will have an audition on Friday, 31 May 2024, before the start of the first workshop.

During the auditions before classes on Friday 31.05.2024 teachers will select and invite dancers to join this top level group.

Authentic Jazz

* If registered participants are less than 30, there will be only one level!

Take this level if you have done plenty of authentic jazz classes, but solo dancing still presents some challenges. You are currently extending your vocabulary, finessing your technique, you improvise and try to implement your knowledge of swing music in your dancing. You have done over a year of authentic jazz classes. You are familiar with lots of traditional steps and you can dance numerous routines. You have experience in improvising.

Take this level if you are already an advanced jazz dancer and you are looking to push yourself to a higher level. You dance Authentic Jazz for several years. You learn new routines quite fast and might even choreograph your own. You probably have been in jam circles or performed as a dancer already.

* Teachers reserve the right to change the levels of participants during the classes if necessary.