||#SSDF2020 24-27 SEPTEMBER||

Hello Lindy world!

Our team spent many days (and nights) working hard to be informed, prepared and conscious about the decisions we are making. We understand the worldwide situation and we monitor local dynamics closely.

We are excited to announce SSDF2020 – LIMITED EDITION! Having in mind the times that we are living in, it will be a bit of a different festival, but still we will try hard to stick to the originally planned event.

As organizers, we will put in a lot of effort taking care of all our guests, dancers, teachers, musicians, volunteers and staff. We will also put in a lot of effort providing the safest environment for the participants of the event.

What does that mean?
– All participants (incl. organizers, teachers, musicians, volunteers, bartenders, etc.) must provide a negative PCR Covid-19 test
– All registered participants will be able to get FREE PCR pool test on Thursday morning (24.09.2020) provided by us*
– Limited number of participants
– Small groups during classes
– Compliance with all anti-covid measures required by Bulgarian government
– Festival passes or party entrances won’t be available on spot if the visitor doesn’t have a negative PCR test result

We believe that the majority of lindyhoppers are up to date and conscious about the risk of their own and other people’s health. That’s why, during the festival, we strongly recommend avoiding close contact with people outside of the event who are not tested.

We understand that the situation may change. In case we have to cancel the event, or a participant is not able to travel due to government restrictions, we will offer all participants a refund or pass transfer according to our refund policy.

Registrations will start soon.

*The pool test is a group test for a maximum of 10 people. More information regarding test requirements will be posted very soon. If a participant has a positive test, we will offer a refund accordingly.
Participants from abroad can find useful information about travel restrictions and possibilities here: https://reopen.europa.eu/en

We’re going to do our best to provide as much safety and peace of mind to everyone involved. Also, we’re going to do our best to remind you of the spontaneous thrill and unpredictability of dancing to live music. Because following all the rules doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. George Gershwin said it best – “Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.”

Extra 2h tech-intensive workshop with the amazing Jo Hoffberg.

#SSDF2020 Limited Edition
Join us! Registrations will be opened soon!

||#SSDF2020 Limited Edition – MAIN TEACHERS||

Ariadna & Simon

Jo Hoffberg

Sonia & Hector

Peter & Elze

||#SSDF2020 BAND||

Carolina Reapers


|| VENUE ||