||#SSDF2024 30 May – 02 JUNE||

Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz festival


Peter & Elze

Remy & Alice

Pamela & Tadas

Ariadna & Simon

Maria & Aurélien

Laura Glaess

||#SSDF2023 – BANDS||

Shirt Tail Stompers

The Oldie Goldies Band

||#SSDF2023 – VENUES||

City Stage

Lindy Hop Bulgaria Halls

Hello, Lindy world!

We are here again with all the energy and craziness for 9th unforgettable edition of SSDF!
Passionate about Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz, our team aims to create an event that celebrates these African American artforms with respect to the origins and cultural values.

What makes our festival special:

  • Crazy Bulgarians – we have this name because of the never-ending party and energy.
  • Organization team – we have great experience with a lot of organized international swing dance events and we love perfectionating each detail, so everyone has a smooth and joyful time.   
  • Teachers team –  it is not only their unquestionable professionalism as teachers and as performers that we value, but also their devotion and kind attitude towards the students. 
  • Great locations – all activities are situated within 100m distance.
  • Music team – 3 live bands with local and international musicians and experienced DJs will take care of the energy throughout the event.
  • Other activities – apart from classes and parties, participants will also be able to enjoy some time by meeting up, socializing, discussing, exchanging experience, learning something from one another.
  • Flexible conditions – if you can’t participate due to COVID (you have a positive test or restrictions don’t let you travel) you can get a full refund. In case we have to cancel the event due to COVID, we will offer all participants a full refund or pass transfer according to our refund policy.


We’ll do our best to provide as much safety and peace of mind to everyone involved. Last but not least, we’ll make sure that you will be reminded of the spontaneous thrill and joy of dancing to live music. George Gershwin said it best – “Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.”