||#SSDF2020 28MAY-31MAY||

Dear friends!
As many of you know, Bulgaria is currently under a lockdown, with all public gatherings forbidden until 13 April 2020.
We trust that the restrictive measures taken by the Bulgarian government are timely and efficient to contain the virus. And that in two months from now we will be able to provide a safe environment to share our love for dance and music.

With hope in our hearts, we remain positive and still determined to make SSDF 2020 happen.

Still there is a lot of uncertainty in the current situation and we’ll keep you posted if necessary in the course of events.
It is our first priority to ensure that everybody remains healthy and protected during SSDF 2020. That is why we are going to comply with any government restrictions at the time of the festival.
If we are forced to cancel the event, there will be serious financial implications for both us and our partners. In this case we will be offering the options of either partial refund (аfter calculating our fixed costs, we will make sure to recover the maximum of your payment) or transferring your pass to our 2021 festival.

Please take care and stay healthy. We send all of you our love and support.

Extra 2h tech-intensive workshop with the amazing Jo Hoffberg.

Create your own program with full access to all Lindy & Solo track classes.

Extra 3h tap workshop with the one & only Thomas Wadelton.


Pamela & Martynas

Jo Hoffberg

Peter & Elze

Sep Vermeersch

Thomas Wadelton

Sonia & Hector

Daniil Nikulin

Ksenia Parkhatskaya

||#SSDF2020 BANDS||


Carolina Reapers