Remy Kouakou

1797533_10153319971207332_8244455727575951615_nIn an interview he describes it all in a few simple words “The reason I dance, the reason I move is because of my love that I have to music. The best way to express myself about what I feel for music is to move to it.” He believes he inherited that love from his father, so we should all be very thankful for that parenting, because it worked out brilliant!

His life path starts shaping up at the age of 13-14, when he was both dancing Boogie Woogie and also Hip Hop DJ-ing (a lot!). He fell in love with remixing songs, giving them a new life by exploring them. This actually is something that everybody should know about him – his love to various styles of music and DJ-ing is like the blood in his body. Over the years Remy has won several international DJ competitions and he has been representing various DJ brands.
For the last three years he has devoted his time only to the dance world so he is in a pause for his DJ-ing, but the plans are to go back to these roots. Now, Remy is widely known as one of the most attractive and fabulous dancers. You will see him getting it all crazy in not only Boogie Woogie, but West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston and, of course, also – some Hip Hop. People literally scream and shout when he is on the dance floor! Currently he has his own (and awesome) event, taking place in Montpelier – XPRESS YOUR SWING. What matters to him is a sincere dancing, as much as leader-follow connectivity. Get ready to really open up your mind and soul for the love of music and have some great time with Remy!