Felipe Braga


Do you feel some kind of a Brazilian breeze passing by? Quite unusual occurrence for the Balkans, isn’t it? Oh, but yes – it is Felipe Braga! He was born in Brazil and maybe that is part of the reason he is such a passionate dancer. At some point, he was amazed by the dancing movements that Jazz music can create and ever since, he is unstoppable.


His whole life path is like a recipe for reaching that current moment.  Theatrical acting, playing drums, party-animator for a live music club in Brazil – these activities, quite different from each other, actually helped him a lot! He is very enthusiastic for social dancing and even if you are just watching him, you can feel how much fun it is! Felipe loves to exchange energy in the jam circles, as well as in the competitions or professional performances. Now, he lives in Budapest, Hungary, so he can teach, make choreographies and perform at Keep Swinging Egyesület – Swing tánc Budapesten.  Also, he took part in Herrang Dance Camp in the summer of 2016. We can’t wait to meet him again on our dance floor!