About Sofia

Founded seven thousand years ago, Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe and with population of more than 1.2 million people it is the 15th largest city in the EU. It is situated in western Bulgaria, at the northern foot of the Vitosha mountain, in the Sofia Valley that is surrounded by the Balkan mountains to the north, which presents amazing views from every point within the city.

Sofia’s architecture combines a wide range of architectural styles that vary from Christian Roman architecture and medieval Bulgara fortresses to Neoclassicism and Socialist-era. A number of ancient Roman, Byzantine and medieval Bulgarian buildings are preserved in the centre of the city. It also has an extensive green belt due to The Vitosha Nature Park (the oldest national park in the Balkans). Based on these and that it is also Europe’s most affordable capital to visit, meaning that it is not only beautiful, but also offers the best value for money ratio, makes it a favourable tourist destination.

The one building you have to get familiar with is the National Palace of Culture, where our studio is located and most of the fun time will be spent there. As it is right in the heart of the city, everything you need can be found within 5 minutes of walking.